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Those of us at Ivanna Cone believe that the power of ice cream is pretty amazing and we are proud to be supported by great customers. We partner with various groups to help them raise money by creating flavors that are truly emblematic of their causes. Each one of these signature flavors gives money back to the inspirations, every time they are made:

Home Sweet Home (Friendship Home, a shelter for abused women and their children)
A caramel, french custard with pieces of cinnamon roll and apple pie

Whimsidoodle (Lincoln Children's Museum)
Cotton candy with crushed vanilla wafers, nerds candies, and starbursts

Camp Kindle (summer camp for kids affected by AIDS)
Marshmallow ice cream with strawberries, chocolate, graham, pretzels, and baby marshmallows

Meadowlark Sherbet (Meadowlark Music Festival)
Lavender lemon sherbet with herbs

E.D.G.A.R. (Each Day Go And Read, Randolph Elementary School)
Chocolate with fresh strawberries, fudge brownie, and oreos